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Copy–editing, proofreading and indexing


Business Needs

I can check all your written material for typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, punctuation etc.

Projects can be sent to me by e-mail, checked over and returned to you with any obvious corrections made and a suggested list of other alterations you may like to make and any points that need clarification. If you prefer, longer reports etc. can be sent in hard copy or disk by post.

The format can be Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect or pdf.

My recent projects include CD-ROMs, resource files and marketing material for Early Learning publishers; computer tutorials for a Learning Resource company; translations for a German software company; website editing and proofreading, and reports and planning documents for an education authority.

Honeypig, Glenluce, Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway
Tel: 01581 300486, Mobile: 07989389064, Fax: 01581300486
www.holme-editorial.co.uk eleanor@holme-editorial.co.uk

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